Enigma Radio

You should not be blind to what has and is happening around the world - the unexplained phenomena, the weird cover stories by the government - your eyes must be opened to the truth.

Reality is broken. The world we used to believe in, one of order and explanation, has ceased to exist, opening the door to chaos. We have reached the singularity in technological evolution, and soon we will see the fruit of the corporations' labor.

The job of our investigators is to research claims of unexplained events that defy logic, crazy technology that takes us to a new level of human evolution, and questions that have impossible answers.

Enigma Radio is a Fictional Radio Podcast Series taking place in Alpha World, the main universe under the Anathon Media Umbrella. This podcast series is expected to be available 2023.

Enigma Radio contains horror and intense story elements, but does not contain explicit content and is friendly for ages 10 and up.


Reviews will be posted once the project is finished and we receive some.

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