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Anathon Media is a combination of singular and collaborative projects involving dozens of stories that range from Books, Audio, Films, and Games, taking place in the same overarching umbrella of two interconnected universes.

Lucas Heath

Author Lucas Heath was born and raised in the Puget Sound region of Washington State. From an early age, the fanciful worlds and characters he has created have found their way onto paper and with his developing skills, Lucas completed his first novel, Erased, at the age of 22. He sat on the manuscript for over a year before self-publishing it, after already having released the shorter sequel, BoX.

In writing, Lucas aims to be the epitome of a mischievous story teller, one who weaves tales of mystery and suspense, pulling readers deeper until they can't escape from his grasp.

After a long hiatus, Lucas has returned with new projects in the works, ranging from an upcoming podcast, (which will be released October 1st, as well as another podcast series and book to be released sometime in 2023.