When a group of substance-indulging teenagers are presented with a new street drug currently being tested, they find themselves able to step into alternate realities. It’s all fun and games until they find themselves trapped in the aftermath of an apocalypse.

Episode Two: Mirrors

Episode Summary: After Isaac's terrifying experience with Glimpse, the group discusses what Jake knows about the drug, leading to a greater discovery and a group vote. 

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Episode Two Cast:

Collin Norton-Zeimet


While normally partaking in theater roles, Collin is brand new to the voice-acting scene. 

Although this will be his first role within the medium, he is without a doubt excited to be playing Isaac in the series “Glimpse”.

No matter the role, Collin is fully committed to bringing the best out of a character. 

Known for shining light on supporting and leading parts he has played in the past, captivating roles are what he does best.

Dennis Wyatt is a father of three sons. He enjoys spending time with family, especially outdoors where they fish, hike, and camp. 

Dennis is a motorcycle enthusiast as well and loves to spend his time on two wheels. 

He has been a musician for seventeen years and a creative writer for twenty. 

Originally from Southern California where he has done some modeling and acting, he moved to Minnesota in 2015 where he continues to make music and write, while seeking acting opportunities. 

Dennis Wyatt


Ronald Dautel


Ronald Dautel is a filmmaker, animator and voice actor based in the greater Minneapolis area. 

Although relatively new to the media creation scene, he has worked on a wide variety of projects. 

These projects have brought him the opportunity to work with many emerging artists, as well as well known Hollywood actors. 

In his free time you can find him modeling new assets for his animations, playing video games, or delving into the vast world of web development. 

Danna Gilbertson is a film director, writer, and actress based in Minneapolis, MN. 

After years of working solely behind the camera, she is thrilled to return to acting in the role of Camille in the radio show “Glimpse”. 

Her debut acting role was the lead Sarah Brown in her high school’s production of “Guys and Dolls” (2012). 

She is more recently known for “The Labyrinth System” (2021) and “Finding Your Pride” (2021). 

Danna Gilbertson


Max Caudell


Max’s love of acting started at a young age, as he performed in church plays growing up in Little Canada, Minnesota. 

By high school, Max had moved to Upper Michigan where he joined the theater department. 

He stared in many theater productions like Wizard of Oz as the Cowardly Lion and Smee in Peter Pan. 

At the end of high school, Max made it his goal to become an actor.  

An actress based in Minneapolis, Molly (she/her) is a native Texan converted Midwesterner. 

Molly grew up doing some musical theater, but went on to study Business in college. 

After a few years in the business world, she wanted to pursue something that invited her to be more present and creatively challenged, and rediscovered her love for acting. 

She enjoys the continuous learning and relational aspects of acting and looks forward to getting involved in more film, TV, commercial and voice over opportunities.  

Molly Dempsey


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